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The Difference Between Thermal Transfer And Thermal Sublimation

Publisher:站长 Release time:2023/02/03 10:23:34 Views:
Publisher:站长  Views:
Release time:2023/02/03 10:23:34

Thermal transfer printing has a convex feeling, and thermal sublimation gives people the feeling of being very smooth; thermal transfer printing is a pattern and transfer pattern, that is, thermal transfer printing is to use thermal pressure to directly transfer the patterns and patterns on the thermal transfer printing film. The printing process transferred to the printed matter, while the thermal sublimation is to penetrate the pattern or pattern, which is the processing and printing of using the principle of thermal sublimation to directly penetrate the pattern or pattern on the thermal sublimation paper to the printed object. These are two qualitative differences.

Let's talk about the difference between their application methods. Thermal transfer is mainly used in stationery, clothing, leather and so on. The sublimation is mainly used in webbing, handbags, cloth pads, luggage, advertising posters, packaging supplies and so on.

The characteristics between them are actually different. Sublimation is the direct penetration of the pattern into the surface of the printed object. It does not change the original texture of the surface of the printed object, the color is very bright, it will not fade, and the adhesion is also excellent.

Compared with thermal sublimation, thermal transfer printing belongs to the kind of high production efficiency, which can print many complex colors at one time, saturated, beautiful, realistic patterns, and has high gloss, durable wear and good pattern adhesion. 


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