ENJET E63-320 Digital Textile Sublimation Printing Machine

3pcs Epson 5113 print head, large format 3.2m printing width, sublimation printing machine


Main function:

1. It's optional for Epson industrial head DX5/5113 Print head;

2. The printing quality is competitive to the Japanese sublimation printers;

3. Automatic feeding and collecting structure;

4. Standard equipped intelligent infrared heating and fan drying system;

5. Printing platform with slotting and extraction cover, industrial epson sublimation printer can be competent for paper printing and cloth printing;

6. For special media such as textile material; flag material; table cloth; curtain cloth, it standard equipped special customized professional feeding and collecting system;

7. It can choose air shaft feeding and collecting system according to the customer's needs.


This type of sublimation printer has double Epson 5113 print head, speed is 60㎡/h, 720*1200dpi. With classical machine frame and stable printing. One service life warranty to make sure the excellent printing.

Suitable the high printing quality request.

Application: large width deman hometextile, flag, curtain cloth, bed sheet, indoor material, table cloth etc.

Machine Parameters
ModelENJET E63-320
Print Heads3*Epson 5113
Suitable for the Fabric Thickness2-30mm range is adjustable
The Largest Printing Width3200mm
Suitable for the Fabric TypePolyester Fabric
Types of InkSublimation Ink
The Ink ColorCMYK(double heads support the 8 colors)
The Printing SpeedProduction Mode: 75/h
Resolution Mode: 60/h
Image TypeJPEG/TIFF/BMP File Format and RGB/CMYK Color Mode
PRI SoftwareWasatch/Neostampa/Maintop 6.0/ Photoprint etc.
Transfer MediumAutomatic Fabric Feeding/ Industrial Motor taking-up/Tension swing bar taking-up/Inflatable shaft back feeding&taking-up Device(optional)
PowerThe Whole Machine 4KW or less
The Power Supply220VAC±10%, two phase three wire
The Mode EnvironmentTemperature 2030, Humidity 35%65%
Overall Dimensions4600mm*750mm*1230mm
Weight430kg or less

ENJET E63-320 digital textile sublimation printing machine    


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