ENJET E78-190 Plus Digital Textile Sublimation Printing Machine

8pcs Epson I3200-A1, high printing speed 320㎡/h, high performance and stable printing


Main Features: 

1. High Resolutiion Printhead

8 Epson I3200-A1 printhead,2 pass speed can reach up to 320㎡/h

2. Two-level Ink Supply System

Adopt two-level ink supply system to ensure continuous printing for a long time.

3. Intelligent Ink Starving Alarm

Reduces the tediousness of frequently checking the remaining amount of ink, and at the same time reminds to add ink in time.

4.Stable Media Feeding and Take-up System

Convenient and fast, the printing media is quickly stored, equipped with automatic paper measurement and anti-rubbing function.

5.Advanced Capping Station

Equipped with advanced intelligent auto printhead cleaning and moisturizing device,which can pump ink well and keep the ink flow fluently.

6.Foggy & VSDT Printing

Unique two-dimension intelligent foggy and wave-foggy function, and VSDT variable droplet technology, improve printing quality obviously.


1.Specially Designed Car

The position of the print head can be adjusted according to different printing medias, and anti-collision devices at both ends.

2.Intelligent Air-heat Dryer

The intelligent drying system is synchronized with printing.The temperature can be adjusted in real time during the printing process.

3.Fluororubber Pressure Roller

US fluororubber pressure roller prevents static electricity.The unique lifting device can respond to the phenomenon of partial paper bulging during the printing process.

4.High Precision Platform

The printing platform is controlled within ±7.5 wires and the surface hard oxidation treatment, no deformation for a long time.

Machine Parameters
ModelENJET E78-190 plus
Print Heads8*Epson I3200-A1
Suitable for the Fabric Thickness2-30mm range is adjustable
The Largest Printing Width1900mm
Suitable for the Fabric TypePolyester Fabric
Types of InkSublimation Ink
The Ink ColorCMYK(double heads support the 8 colors)
The Printing SpeedProduction speed: 300/h
Resolution speed: 150/h
Image TypeJPEG/TIFF/BMP File Format and RGB/CMYK Color Mode
PRI SoftwareWasatch/Neostampa/Maintop 6.0/ Photoprint etc.
Transfer MediumAutomatic Fabric Feeding/ Industrial Motor taking-up/Tension swing bar taking-up/Inflatable shaft back feeding&taking-up Device
PowerThe Whole Machine 9KW or less
The Power Supply220VAC±10%, two phase three wire
The Mode EnvironmentTemperature 2030, Humidity 35%65%
Overall Dimensions3710mm*1500mm*1940mm
Weight1500kg or less

Products detail:

1. ENJET E78-190 8 heads carriage configuration with Anti-Collision system which can protect the printhead well;

Uniquely design for printer carriage, more easier to operate and maintenance.

2.Profesional 8 heads capping station(which can modify into 8 heads configuration)---Exclusive printhead sequence design which can support 1pass print; Adop big wipper to save head cleaning time/ Add the capping  staion light to help check the calibration between head and capping core position

3. Industril level---double THK guide rail, ensure carriage move faster and precisely, and eliminate motion noise; 45% titled mirror which is better design to check printhead surface directly.

4. Industrial Leadshine servo motor and driver which will keep longer time working precisely; High precision gear and beam, which all service to work stability and longer lifetime(24 hours work time everyday)

5. Industrial media feeding and taking up system---support using 30 gsm transfer paper and loading 1000m-2000m normal transfer paper; Integrated printer body design which will avoid print accuracy change during transport or long time work.

6. Choose intelligent anti-static pinch roller, avoding transfer paper from wrinkling. Add the ruler to help reset the print position; Using import Igus ink chain to eliminate noise.



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