ENJET TX-100 Direct T-shirt Printer

ENJET TX-100 direct T-Shirt Printer, 1pc Epson 4720 print head


ENJET TX-100 direct t-shirt printer. ENJET EX-100 is a small direct t shirt printer, easy to print t-shirt with small quantity, sample, and design picture. Customized your picture print on your t-shirt, colorful your life. Being easy to use and maintain is one of the most important features of the ENJET TX-100. The standard wet capping station minimizes clogged nozzles keeps the system primed and ready to print.

ENJET TX-100 direct t shirt printer machine has one pc Epson 4720 print head, the print width is 380mm*450mm, use pigment CMYK color. It spends the 50s on one piece. Suitable fabrics like cotton, linen, and blended fabrics. The humidity should keep 55%-75%, temperature 20℃-30℃. The operating system is Windows7, windows10, RIP is ENJET, two languages Chinese and English. Power supply AC100/220V, 50Hz/60Hz.

Machine Parameters
ModelENJET TX-100
Print Heads1*Epson 4720
Print Width 380*450mm
Ink Type Pigment ink 
Ink Color C M Y K 
Print Speed 50s/pcs
Suitable FabricCotton, linen and blended fabrics
Operating SystemWindows7 Windows10
Power SupplyAC100/220V ,50HZ/60HZ
Printer Size /Weight1000*940*600mm/90kg
Packing Size /Weight1280*1020*800mm/165kg

ENJET TX-100 Direct T-shirt Printer
ENJET TX-100 Direct T-shirt Printer


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