Sublimation Heat Transfer Paper

Sublimation heat transfer paper, 45gsm/50gsm/60gsm/70gsm/90gsm/100gsm, width range 600mm-2600mm


Product Advantages:

Excellent color rending; excellent printability; excellent transfer clarity; stable paper processing performance; ordinary drying performance; suitable for companies which focuses more on quality.

Suitable usage: suitable for all polyester fiber thermal sublimation processing direction: such as fashion printing, personalized home customization, etc.

Recommended ink system: water-based sublimation ink.

Specification: 600mm-2600mm

Recommended transfer condition:45gsm/50gsm/60gsm70gsm 215℃ 20s, 80gsm/90gsm/100gsm 225℃ 20s.

Storage condition: 

Storage life: one year;

perfect packing;

stored in an airtight environment with air humidity 40-50%;

before usage, it is recommended to keep it for one day in the printing environment.


1.The product packaging has been well treated from moisture, but it is recommended to keep it in a dry place before used.

2.Before the product is used, it needs to be opened in the printing room so that the product can reach a balance with the environment, and the environment is best controlled between 45% and 60% humidity. This ensures a good print tranfer effect and finger touching the print surface should be avoided during the whole process.

3. During printing process, the image must be protected from external damage before the ink is dry and fixed.

Sublimation heat transfer paper

Sublimation heat transfer paper
Sublimation heat transfer paper


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